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“Be the change that you wish to see in the world.”

- Mahatma Gandhi


Our Approach

We offer group facilitated peer to peer coaching through what we call "base camps" for entrepreneurs, intra-preneurs, change makers and investors to create a new "culture of thriving" in business and investing by unlocking our individual and collective True Equations that ultimately brings out the best in us and the people around us thus brings out the best in our businesses, our leadership and our triple bottom lines. We are at a pivotal point in human history that is requiring us to make a choice between contributing to an extractive culture or taking an active role in cultivating a society that nourishes our mind, body and soul and heal the planet. Come join us...

Our Vision

Is this too much to ask? We believe it is not, in fact we believe that this is the True Equation to a fulfilling, authentic journey of integrity that creates wealth of wallet and wealth of soul that is way beyond money.


True Equation Business         Base Camps

We are building a new ecosystem that offers what we call True Equation Base Camps, facilitated peer to peer monthly round tables to support and enjoy the journey to actualize what we would like to experience as we venture out to become what we were innately born to contribute and give back to world not "for the money of it" but "for the love of it"  while also pragmatically taking care of ourselves and creating a culture of sustainability and thriving for ourselves, our businesses and the people we work with. 



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A True Equation Tribe

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Creators, entrepreneurs, and change-makers who want to build and shape a new culture and economy that supports each of us as dynamic creators of our future.  True Equation is offering Entrepreneur and Change-maker Circles to explore, refine, embody and lead from our True Equations with in a supportive community of like minded people who know the value of authentic and generative leadership.


creating and building a future on sound foundations of win - win,  mutual respect, empathy, sovereignty, power with, creative agency, and

True Equation Entrepreneur Circles

Success does not have to come at someone else’s expense. The focus of the base camps We are connecting together to uncover, to learn, to support, to celebrate, to innovate and to actualize the journey we want to experience as we venture out into the world to create what we innately were born to contribute and give back to world not "for the money of it" but "for the love of it"

to find, refine, support and actualize your "True Equation" to experience holistic wealth and success on your own terms.