Client Case Studies


U Konserve

Chance and her business partner after their first year found their reusable, food storage solutions business was building momentum and gaining traction in the market. Finding themselves overwhelmed by orders and complex overseas and fulfillment manufacturing process, needed additional help and capital to expand into regional and national retail grocery store chains like Wholefoods. 


The goal was to offer one on one coaching and consulting to build a strong foundation and plan for their expansion and financing needs to fuel their growth. I provided an in depth business model analysis with the goal of: aligning pricing structures with profitability; reducing their product line to focus on high growth and high margin products; and cut operational costs with out losing the quality, the integrity and value proposition of their brand.


Business Equations

  • New profitable pricing structure for all products to ensure profitability and robust cost analysis

  • Reduced product costs, increased margins and scaled down product mix to simplify operations and costs

  • Built a strong financial performa that demonstrated sustainability and profitability

  • Financing secured to fuel their expansion and growth

  • Expansion into Regional Wholefoods Stores in the West and Pacific Northwest stores.

  • Acquired a significant business bank loan from Wells Fargo to fund their next level of growth

Leadership Equations

  • Deep knowing of the numbers side of her business created a deep sense of peace of mind and confidence in negotiations, decision making and planning.

  • Increase clarity and command over her business operations with the right simplicity to complexity ratio to make sound financial decisions while juggling the many operational and overseas manufacturing aspects of her business

  • Claimed her innate genius to create high quality brilliant and sustainable designs with in the inherent complexity and operational limitations of their business which was the key to their ongoing success.

Chance Claxton.png

"Anyone who knows the thrill of starting their own business may also know the shocked feeling you reach after completing year 1 or 2 and thinking "now I really am in business! HELP! A feeling of overwhelm may set in, not knowing where next to take your burgeoning business or where or how to look for capital, or simply how assess and evaluate your business. This is where Kids Konserve/U Konserve was and all was simply answered and organized once I consulted with Jayne Hillman. I highly recommend Jayne to any serious entrepreneur.

Chance Claxton - Co-Founder U Konserve




  • Re-brand his business so that it was aligned and expressed with Peter's unique value proposition and approach to public speaking

  • To create an effective and profitable business expansion strategy

  • Align and define his hiring process to scale his business

  • Navigate and update beliefs around the challenges of growth and expansion


Business Equations

  • A new brand look and feel that reflected Peter's utterly unique approach and genius in training professionals in public speaking that significantly increased his reach and sales to his right target customers.

  • A financial projections and analysis for the effective and profitable expansion of Magnetic Speaking business

  • Increased enrollment and sold out his speaking boot camps in advance

  • Increased his pricing to reflect the true value and results of his boot camps and his personalized approach

  • Capacity and structure to have his hiring process be effective and aligned with his goals

  • An increase in sales which resulted in 30% revenue increase with in 12 months

Leadership Equations

  • Increased clarity and confidence in decision making around business investments and hiring for his business expansion

  • Reinforced a strong personal foundation by gaining more true clarity and personal trust in his innate gifts and all of the incredible life experiences, integrity, personal insights and education he brought to his work.

  • Re-wiring of limiting beliefs and mindsets around money and expanding his business so that he could show up with more ease and creativity that generated more satisfaction and natural momentum.


I worked with Jayne to help me navigate the re-branding and growth of my business. Working with her was wonderful. It was one of the best business decisions I made last year. The value she brought me was two fold: One is the in-depth analytical tools that helped me analyze my business and spot growth opportunities. Second is the mindset tools that helped deal with the fears and anxieties of change.

Taking the business into new and uncharted growth phases is hard and uncertain because you can't see what's ahead. Jayne brings her tools, experience and flash light and guides you all the way to the top.

Peter Khoury Founder @Magnetic Speaking



Firebrand Breads

Firebrand Breads as a small growing wholesale bakery business servicing retail locations all over the Bay Area was out growing their wholesale bakery location in Emeryville and needed more space to expand. They needed a road map and foundation to begin to their journey to actualize their dream.


  • To expand their business and profit margins to include a destination bakery to service their customer base directly and build their brand value and recognition in the Bay Area market place.

  • Create a clear and strong brand vision, positioning and value proposition for their new retail bakery concept

  • To understand the financial costs and risks involved in opening a retail/wholesale bakery in Oakland.

  • Create a solid investment story and thesis that would attract the right investors, banks and commercial lease opportunities

  • Be able to confidently speak to and own the numbers of their business for investor meetings and personal business success


Business Equations

  • Clear, distinct and aligned brand vision, positioning and value proposition

  • A strong, well thought out, accessible, and easy to understand financial projections and business model that they owned inside and out as a foundation to start their journey to explore investment opportunities

  • Opened doors and conversations with potential investors, banks and expanded commercial leasing options

  • This foundation built a strong trust and interest in Firebrand's success, creating a strong commitment from local small business organizations, banks, city developers that believed in their strong brand vision and financial plan.

  • Through follow on financial and investment support of many amazing organizations and people in Oakland who believe in small businesses, they acquired financing and opened a retail space on Broadway in Uptown Oakland. Check their bakery out. It's awesome.

Leadership Equations

  • A palpable level of confidence and trust in their growth plan because they knew it from the inside out and through the right balance of brand passion and business financials.

  • Coaching on how to create an authentic and powerful investment pitch and confidently speaking from the deep knowing of their brand equity value and the financial opportunity that was being presented.


"Thanks so much for getting myself and my team so prepared for our investor presentations. They were impressed by how much we had together and that we could answer all of their questions very easily.  Thanks Jayne!!  It's been a pleasure working with you"

Matt Kreutz - Firebrand Breads


Screenshot 2017-05-12 15.51.00.png

Avital began working with me quite early in the launch of her business. She had started her business with two popular food tours she had curated in the Mission District of San Francisco. Her goal was to create a powerful brand positioning and strong business operation and financial foundation to grow her culinary food tours so that she could expand her food tours into other neighborhoods in San Francisco and beyond.


  • Create a strong brand vision, premium positioning and distinct value proposition for her food tours

  • To create a strong operational plan and win-win financial partnerships with the chefs and artisan food vendors and restaurants that she curated for her tours

  • To build a financial model to create sustainable and profitable margins and aligned pricing for true success for her business and for her personal financial needs while living in San Francisco

  • To build a strong food tour business model that could be replicated into other neighborhoods with clarity, confidence and a strong brand reputation

  • To create a strong hiring plan to find the right tour guides that could match Avital's energy and passion

  • Be able to confidently speak to and own the numbers of her business to negotiate with strategic partners, confidently make expansion decisions and build her business with more ease and trust.


Business Equations

  • Clear, distinct and aligned premium brand vision, positioning and value proposition

  • A strong, well thought out, accessible, and easy to understand financial projections and business model

  • The brand positioning, systematized operations and financial model created the confidence and a strong foundation to replicate her food tour model into other neighborhoods and beyond.

  • Created a strong positioning in the San Francisco food tour market and Trip Advisor as the high quality, premier behind the scenes food tour guide company that attracted quality chefs and artisans food purveyors.

  • Avital expanded successfully and profitably her tours in Mission District, Union Square, North Beach

Leadership Equations

  • A sense of confidence and trust in her expansion plan because she knew her numbers from the inside out

  • Confidently made growth decision based on solid grounding and understanding of her business model

  • Built her business with the deep knowing of her innate genius and distinct offering as food tour company with in a very competitive space

  • Understood and consciously claimed the key drivers of success that she valued for her business and her own sense of satisfaction

  • Coaching on how to confidently negotiate in business terms, her brand equity and the value she brought to her strategic partnerships


Jayne is a wonderful entrepreneurial advisor. I have consulted with her numerous times about challenges facing my business, and each time, she has brought new insight and invaluable advice to the table. Not only does she have a great business mind, but she is extremely personable, and easy to work with. Though she's a busy woman, she will always make time for clients and. and make clients feel as if every moment with her counts. I highly recommend Jayne as a great consultant, teacher, and mentor to any business owner.

Avital, Avital Food Tours, Owner




Screenshot 2017-05-13 16.27.15.png

" I can't thank Jayne enough for the way she's helped me step into my role
(and new lot in life) with clarity, ease and even joy.  I searched for years
to find the right coaching style: very practical yet deeply spiritual, a
master who can work with me on a level of quantum physics. That's Jayne. My
life changed literally almost overnight as a result of the inner work we
started a year ago. She is all about foundations and working from the inside
out. Be prepared to go to the moon‹or Jupiter with Jayne as your coach. "

-Holly Payne, CEO and founder of Booxby, the right book at the right time,
created by SkywriterRX Inc.