Staying True

The True Equation@ process is not a cookie cutter approach or a search engine of templates to short cut you into our formula for assured success.  My approach has two parts: 1) is uncovering the freshness and contribution of your innate gifts and vision that fuels you and the limiting beliefs and patterns that get in the way 2) Help anchor and give definition to your True Equations that effectively meet and transform with more ease the inherent barriers and obstacles that come with bringing something new and fresh into the world. I do this by leveraging the power of you staying true you and your vision to actualize the value and wellbeing you are meant to bring to the world.

People who seek only success rarely find it: for it is not an end, but a consequence. It is the fruit of a seed you have lovingly planted.
— Paul Cohelo

The True Equation In Addition to Business Coaching Includes:


Learn how your brain works so you can have your brain work for your highest potential and in service to the intelligence of your heart.

We apply neuro-psychology tools, processes and frameworks to teach you how your brain works and how the stories and beliefs we tell ourselves often create ongoing unwanted experiences in our life.  We apply powerful frameworks to help re-wire and update respectfully beliefs and strategies that no longer serve you so that you can have more choice and possibility for what you truly desire and want to create in the world.




EQ is the navigation system that open doors, melts barriers and can move mountains in building successful relationships and bringing new possibilities into the world.

EQ is the tuning fork of nuance and precision of how to create more flow, more influence and happiness with in yourself first, then your team, your board, your strategic partners. It is the essential ingredient with in everything you wish to be in relationship with around you. It’s your awareness with deep knowing that knows the social conditions in the room, the subtle changes, nuances and right approach that knows alignment and right relationship. It is the difference the makes the difference in successful relationships and partnerships.


Is the fastest way to know you are not your thoughts and you are not your mind. These practices acquaint you with your witness who is the “True” you watching your thoughts.

With practice the “True” you becomes more visible and you begin to have access to your deepest and most fulfilled Self that has always has been there.   The True self that has access to your innate genius, intelligence and trust that wants to express and experience life through creativity, healthy relationships and simple joy.




The beauty and love of the principles of quantum physics is that they are elegant equations of how things work in this world not just in how planes fly or how cars gain speed but how power dynamics play in the world.

It sheds light on how and why some strategic partners work or why some companies grow with stability and sustainability and why others don’t.  We apply the principles of physics to understand relationship and business dynamics at a deeper level to quickly to realign back to congruency with less stress and story and more ease and flow.


There is something about human nature that seems to put a limit on change but we have tools that work with our human nature, not against it — this makes change marvelously available.

True Equation Methodology

Transformational Coaching: Applying the wisdom and science behind what allows us to show up fully for ourselves, for others and for the world to create the experiences and outcomes we are meant to bring to the world.

Foundations for Entrepreneurial Success: To hold big visions and possibilities with the pragmatic implementation of sound business principles to build strong foundations for solid, expansive and enjoyable growth.