OUr Approach

Our approach is disrupting the old economic model of those who control the money flow being at the center of design, to a more efficient and higher performing system that puts the person – her – at the center. True Equation is changing the culture by valuing both entrepreneurs and investors full human attributes and strengths as well as their true business and investment intentions.

We offer a new empowering and efficient approach to women entrepreneurs and investors to transform the way they build and fund businesses by putting the person –her- and trusted relationships at the center of our design. Our design approach values entrepreneur’s full human attributes and strengths along with the true business potential and investment needs

The Base Camp has been co-creating, testing and iterating on the very culture, beliefs, methodologies and practices that we think are "the difference that makes the difference".   We have been co-creating this next generation eco-system through our Eco-system and Venture Design Labs, Investor AdVenture Camps and Cohort journeys. We create immersive experiences that are built around a robust system of models, patterns, processes and tools that leverage collective intelligence to effectively address individual, industry and social impact sector challenges and opportunities.  Our methodology engages stakeholders who have a passion for the problem or presented solution and through the collaborative design process stimulates open dialogue, encourages innovation, evaluation of options and builds alignment around a plan to move forward. This collaborative model has a powerful network effect aligning entrepreneurs authentically to the value web of mentors, investors, deal makers, and talent.  Our design approach also dramatically amplifies the social and intellectual capital for all participants, tapping into the diversity of vantage points and networks in the room.   The entrepreneurs, mentors and investors at The Base Camp fundamentally have a new experience through immersive co-creative experiences, our win win philosophy and alignment on passion and values.


Our Philosophy

The Base Camp is not just about "the what" or the "end goal" but about the "HOW".  How we show up and how we value ourselves,  how we value others and how we value capital (social, intellectual and financial).  We believe entrepreneurs and their ventures go farther and longer within an ecosystem that encourages everyone to show up fully and contribute their individual genius be it financial capital, operational experience or great insight and idea into a problem worth solving.



"To Rise Above our preconceived limitations and our own sense of possibility to truly see our internal greatness and our internal strength while also including our internal challenges to reach the top of the mountain of our dreams

And then once there knowing that there is no end to the peaks we can climb but until we climb the first peak we cannot see the second peak"

- Brad Barnhorn