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“Only surround yourself with people who are going to lift you higher”

-Oprah Winfrey


Join Our True Equation
Mastery Circles

True Equation Mastery Circles are for dynamic entrepreneurs seeking enjoyable and high integrity pathways to build and expand their businesses with more clarity, authenticity and financial flow. Our mastery circles help illuminate, fortify and anchor each entrepreneurs unique True Equation with twice monthly coaching video calls and quarterly one day retreats in Sonoma that offer invaluable touch points of wise support and informed feedback with other entrepreneurs who share their journey and commitment.

Each Mastery Circle is facilitated by an experienced entrepreneur who knows the terrain and offers excellent facilitation to encourage rich structured discussion and support that has the highest benefit to everyone. The value of meeting with a group taps us not only into the collective intelligence that each CEO brings to the table but the opportunity to share the amazing and challenging growth filled journey of an entrepreneur with other talented people who understand the courage and consciousness that this journey requires.

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How Do the True Equation

 Mastery Circles Work?

By Application only

The True Equation Mastery Circles are by application only with groups of 4-5 entrepreneurs meeting on a monthly basis via Zoom withoptional quarterly in person gatherings in Sonoma for one day and half day retreats.  Come join other CEO's who value surrounding themselves with other aligned entrepreneurs that are committed to being "All In" to create extraordinary businesses that are fueled by purpose, passion and profitability while also creating a better world.



Wednesdays 12-1:30pm

Zoom Calls

Calls 2X Per Month

with optional one day quarterly retreats in Sonoma.

Group Size: 4-5 highly curated entrepreneurs



per month:  Two 1.5 hr mastery circles a month + one on one coaching session (1.15hr)  with Jayne

per month: 2 mastery circles a month + one on on coaching session (1.15hr) per quarter with Jayne

*Does not include optional one day in person retreats in Sonoma


Application only ( see below)

6 month commitment required

30 minute coaching/interview to see if its a good fit and good alignment


How Regenerative is Your Business?


for Our Personal Mastery Groups 

There’s a quick 10 minute application to see if the True Equation Mastery Circle is a match for you. We know you’re excited, so we’ll read over your application as soon as possible (no more than 2 business days, we promise) and be in touch with you about next steps.

 But first make sure to review the program's requirements first.

  • Have been in business for 6 months or more have paying customers or have a strong business concept or minimal viable product that you are currently testing in the market place that has received

  • Ready to make a 6 month commitment to your journey and the other entrepreneurs that are joining you

  • You can make Wednesdays 12 -1:30pm starting October 6th - December 20th ( we require that you can make 90% of the calls ( no more than 2 calls over the 3 month period. The participation and commitment is part of the integrity and results that come from the work we all do together. This is an "All In" commitment.

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