Creating the NEXT Generation Entrepreneur & INvestor Eco-system


OUr Vision

 We are re-imagining the current entrepreneurial - investor ecosystem to create a healthier and more collaborative culture for women entrepreneurs and investors to align with their values and contribute fully to the world while reaching their highest potential and contributing powerful innovation and impact to the world.

We are creating an eco-system culture that is moving from transactional to relational, from isolation to collaboration, from exclusive to inclusive by creating an integrated approach to the entrepreneurial and investor journey.  We believe this is an eco-system culture that will support women entrepreneurs and investors to thrive and inspire more women to fully participate and bring forth their important innovative solutions and investment capital to make a better world for the 21st Century. 


Why The Base Camp

While women represent more than half of the educated U.S. population, women-owned businesses account for only 16% of the nation's firms and among high growth firms they account for only 10%.  The Base Camp believes the barriers to entrepreneurship for women require a systemic cultural shift to truly tap into their full potential. We believe there are other choices and ways to build an ecosystem that works for women when co-created with life design, authentic relationship based models and value alignment.

We are re-imagining and asking the question "What would be the culture, the beliefs, the methodologies and practices to most support, expand and amplify women entrepreneurs potential in the world?" We are interested in how we can re-define and re-design a healthy eco-system for the 21st Century that focuses an "eco" system that is more collaborative, supports co-creation, relational in nature, aligns capital with values.


come Experience the Base Camp

Saturday November 21st @ Impact Hub Oakland

Creating the next generation entrepreneur and investor eco-system for women

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