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"Consciously CREATE From Your place Of Strength"

Elevating your business to the next Summit

What is getting in the way of creating the business you desire and the experience you would like have?

This is a workshop for on consultants, coaches, designers who are building their business  with in a very crowded and saturated market place of  So many trainings I see supporting coaches and consultants are focused on marketing plans, programs and how to acquire a clients through a lot of fancy turn key marketing techniques that connect with clients through scarcity vs teaching diving deeper into really seeing and exploring what are true strengths are or gift is specifically and how to communicate that authentically  and how to create abundance and fullness from the inside that naturally mirrors back and attracts the perfect clients who truly need and see your unique coaching or consulting gifts.  that builds slower but morthe   building on what is already working and creating authentic marketing communications that build on one's strength and vision of what desire to create



Making your numbers your ally

Pointing your compass North ...

Empower YOur Numbers to Be YOur Ally

Unleashing the power of information  InsturmentFinding forecast knowing the conditions

What is the story of your numbers telling you? What are they telling others? Come understand your number in a confident and powerful  way to experience clarity and command in how you manage your business and how you communicate to .......n  yourself and learn how to express a powerful and enticing story to bankers, investors, leasing,  strategic suppliers about your current business and

potential growth

and  that to project and let it shine through every business presentation and see how othersChange the assumptions and then lets see what the numbers tell us.



Charting Your Course 

mapping out your businesss mapping out the terrain

This 8 week intensive is designed for entrepreneurs who are wondering how best to navigate and prepare for growth and want a map of the terrain ahead and deep conviction on how to best chart a course to reach their desired results.

This 8 week intensive is designed for entrepreneurs who are ready to set aside the time to step into a structure to create an lean and smart business plan to navigate

This course will offer business and coaching structures and frameworks to apply both internally and externally to navigate and create your business success story with certainty and poise.

This course will offer business and coaching structures and frameworks to apply both internally and externally to navigate the peaks and valleys of business success with certainty and poise.

The Business and coaching frameworks and tools to apply to your

1) brand equity and positioning

2) your current financial picture and your future potential

3) map out the territory and make a place of execution



"People get the most done when they enter a 'flow' state of high-performance"


“A pitch is a live performance. You have to know it so well that it seems spontaneous.”
How you're feeling at any given moment — excited, anxious, hopeless, etc. — dictates more than half of your behavior and decision making, says executive coach Katia Verresen
Everyone is going to have low moments. Entrepreneurship is one big roller coaster. Rather, the objective is to give clients the tools and language they need to slingshot themselves up from the depths of despair back to energized productivity. When you've charted how you feel during different times of day, you have the power to choose your activities differently. Turning your mood around can be as easy as recalling a cherished memory or celebrating a small win. You have to start with understanding your triggers and patterns, and you can optimize from there.


Most start-up founder’s reason for taking the plunge is far greater than just wanting to do a start-up. In fact, it’s an incredibly personal decision that’s typically about wanting a different life, or taking charge to create your own destiny.  Start your journey today with other talented entrepreneurs on this path.

Must is different. Must is who we are, what we believe, and what we do when we are alone with our truest, most authentic self.”  Elle Luna


To accomplish great things, we must not only act, but also dream, not only plan, but also believe.~ Anatole France


  • how to hire and scale your team
  • run the RIBS Test (Relevant, Inevitable, Believable, Simple)
  • how to build trust and a bigger presence as you grow
  • positioning and value proposition review, review, review
  • skillful use of power and influence that create win win partnership and strategic results
  • the resilence of
  • say no the right way

and allowing your deepest desires that often get buried by our commitments and should to have some air time and play to see how they may show up more and be expressed more in your life. and creating your own path.


Upcoming Workshops & Leadership Circles

3/24  -  Money & Value Mindsets for Thriving:  come explore your relationship to money and value to discover how you may be holding yourself back and enliven your inner thriving

4/28  -  Facing Your Fears of Failure & Fear of Success: with Finesse leaping into something new or taking our business to the next step can bring up our biggest hope and our biggest fears. Come explore this inherent fear with respect and finesse.

Setting Up Your Business Financials:  come learn how to set up your financials in an easy and manageable way and use your financial reports to analyze and grow your business.

5/18  -  Facing Your Fears of Failure & Fear of Success: leaping into something new or taking our business to the next step can bring up our biggest hope and our biggest fears. Come explore this inherent fear with respect and finesse.

5/26  - Creating Flow and Expanding Time:  we will move beyond time management skills to explore our relationship to time and how to create more flow and ease in our day while accomplishing great things in the world


New To The Trail Entrepreneurs

Look Before You Leap - a four week journey with a cohort of other women entrepreneurs just beginning and exploring the possibilities and risks. Come leap with confidence with the power of knowledge and passion before you begin... Click her for more info.

Business Canvas Deep Dive - an eight week journey with a a designated mentor and cohort of women entrepreneurs on the trail to launch their businesses. The business canvas is the business planing tool for the 21st Century. We will do a deep dive to create the best path to success while consciously testing our assumptions and customers needs along the way.


Entrepreneurs Heading For Higher Peaks

Own Your Mountain & Shine - a six week journey with a designated mentor and business pitch advisor with a cohort of other women entrepreneurs seeking financing and/or strategic partners to expand to the next level in their business. A final fun and celebratory SHINE pitch night. Click here for more info.

Trailblazing Creators

The Creative Way - a 12 week journey updated and modeled after the artist way with a final Showcase Event and celebration. Click here for more info