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We offer one on one executive coaching, leadership circles and workshops that explore and apply True Equations that bring your full visions and thought leadership into the world.




Mastery Circles

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Our Approach

True Equations


Quantum Leap

Your Inner Stability and Outer EFFECTIVENESS In The world

We believe your point of true power and effectiveness begins with you and your awareness of the unconscious stories and equations that operate and fuel your actions and relationships in the background that either move you toward true momentum and success or move you away.

Our approach leverages timeless truths, emotional intelligence, neuro-psychology to uncover and make more visible the underlying structures (beliefs and assumptions ) that create the outcomes and experiences in your business. Our goal is to raise your awareness of the equations that quantum leap your effectiveness and enjoyment and update the false equations that often unknowingly diminish your efforts and create inner and outer obstacles that hold you back.


Our Methodology & Frameworks apply principles from



Learn how your brain works so you can have your brain work for your highest potential and in service to the intelligence of your heart.


EQ is the navigation system that open doors, melts barriers and can move mountains in building successful relationships and bringing new possibilities into the world.


Time-Less Wisdom & MEditation

Is the fastest way to know you are not your thoughts and you are not your mind. These practices acquaint you with your witness who is the “True” you watching your thoughts.


The beauty and love of the principles of quantum physics is that they are elegant equations of how things work both energetically and tangibly in our world not just in how our intention focuses reality but also how the dynamics of power and money play and create in the world.