" I can't thank Jayne enough for the way she's helped me step into my role
(and new lot in life) with clarity, ease and even joy.  I searched for years
to find the right coaching style: very practical yet deeply spiritual, a
master who can work with me on a level of quantum physics. That's Jayne. My life changed literally almost overnight as a result of the inner work we
started a year ago. She is all about foundations and working from the inside out. Be prepared to go to the moon‹or Jupiter with Jayne as your coach. "

Holly Payne - CEO and founder of Booxby, the right book at the right time,
created by SkywriterRX Inc. http://www.booxby.com

Rachel Shamash Best.png

"Jayne is an incredible leader and consultant! We've been working with Jayne for over a year to develop our company's overall business strategy. Jayne's impact on our business has immeasurable. She has helped us refocus and define our core values, mission, our brand and financial strategy--and so much more. We began at the macro level and Jayne taught us to dig deeper--to really understand the core of our business and how to showcase our services and brand in a meaningful way. Jayne took on the challenging role of consultant/coach/fan/trusted advisor/friend--and has really been responsible for our business taking on a new approach and strategic direction. Jayne helped us redefine our company's brand through multiple sessions on values and vision--her coaching and leadership development has taught us to focus on our strengths as individuals and as a team".

Rachel Shumash - Co-Founder, Bluebelle

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"Anyone who knows the thrill of starting their own business may also know the shocked feeling you reach after completing year 1 or 2 and thinking "now I really am in business! HELP! A feeling of overwhelm may set in, not knowing where next to take your burgeoning business or where or how to look for capital, or simply how assess and evaluate your business. This is where Kids Konserve/U Konserve was and all was simply answered and organized once I consulted with Jayne Hillman. I highly recommend Jayne to any serious entrepreneur.

Chance Claxton - Co-Founder U Konserve


I worked with Jayne to help me navigate the re-branding and growth of my business. Working with her was wonderful. It was one of the best business decisions I made last year. The value she brought me was two fold: One is the in-depth analytical tools that helped me analyze my business and spot growth opportunities. Second is the mindset tools that helped deal with the fears and anxieties of change.

Taking the business into new and uncharted growth phases is hard and uncertain because you can't see what's ahead. Jayne brings her tools, experience and flash light and guides you all the way to the top.

Peter Khoury - Founder, Magnetic Speaking


Jayne is a wonderful entrepreneurial advisor. I have consulted with her numerous times about challenges facing my business, and each time, she has brought new insight and invaluable advice to the table. Not only does she have a great business mind, but she is extremely personable, and easy to work with. Though she's a busy woman, she will always make time for clients and. and make clients feel as if every moment with her counts. I highly recommend Jayne as a great consultant, teacher, and mentor to any business owner.

Avital Ungar - Avital Food Tours, Owner


My work with Jayne and her company True Equation has been transformational, exceptional and powerful from the inside out.  In a short period of time I made inner shifts and outer changes that are taking my business to new levels of success while being deeply clear and connected to my mission, vision and dreams for bringing my talents and work forward in the world. I am so excited and grateful to have Jayne by my side. –

 Susana N. Perczek - Founder & Stylist of DARE TO WOW



"Thanks so much for getting myself and my team so prepared for our investor conversations for our business expansion. They were impressed by how much we had together and that we could answer all of their questions very easily.  Thanks Jayne!!  It's been a pleasure working with you"

Matt Kreutz - Firebrand Breads, Owner