About Jayne

I am an entrepreneur, new paradigm leadership coach and adventurer of life. I partner with forward thinking entrepreneurs to identify, own and apply their uniquely powerful True Equations to realize their full visions and businesses to their highest potential and social impact in the world.

I often use the metaphor of being a chiropractor of business, addressing the root causes of the disruptions, quagmires and financial stress tht inundate personally leaders experience and professionally the health and growth of their business. Much like the body, many of the relationship and power dynamics of growing an innovative business can unconsciously pull ourselves and our businesses out of alignment, out of proper balance and weight with who we are, with our values, our deep knowing and sovereignty of what we know to be true and mutually beneficial. Clients come to me when they realize that the strategies they are using to fix the problems, disruptions or financial stress are only offering small moments of relief and begin to realize it is a structural problem that is chronic that needs some remodeling, and re-alignment to reach the next level of growth, visibility or positive impact in the world.

When in alignment, the company and CEO are operating at highest level of performance with steady experiences internally and externally of even flow and momentum that attract funding and high quality talent and increases stability, influence, visibility and expanding revenue streams.

I have a multi-disciplinary approach spanning my 25 years of experience as an entrepreneur and coach to 100’s of entrepreneurs and my studies and practice of body based healing and transformation modalities and neuro-psychology ( Transformational Neuro Linguistic Programming in Marin). I have a B.A. in Political Economy at UC Berkeley and Certified Masters practioner in Transformational Neuro Linguistic Programming from Marin NLP.

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True Equation

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Pacific Community Ventures - www.pacificcommunityventures.org
Women of Impact - www.impacthuboakland.net
Women's Start Up Lab - www.womenstartuplab.com
Women's Business Development Center
Women's Initiative For Self Employment
SheEO Activator
AdVENTURE Academy - www.adventureacademy.org 

My Inspiration

What I have found and as result have created True Equation is knowing oneself and owning one’s authority and owning your proper weight in the world is the key to establishing mutually beneficial equations to create sustainable working relationships that bring out the highest creative potential of all stakeholders and as a result create true win-win-win ( people, profit, planet) equations that just keeps winning for all. As a result, I fell in in love with the vital regenerative nature of the underlying equations and consciousness that make win-win-win truly possible in the world. I am inspired to share these true equations that I have been studying and in practice both in neuro-psychology and emotional intelligence along with my lived experience as an entrepreneur, angel investor and business consultant/coach over the last 25 years.

Tangible Results

Why I have been so inspired by True Equations and the resulting additive win-win-win equations is that through my direct experience in my own life and so many of my clients has created such a strong foundations to build stable prosperity and tangible results upon. True Equations helped me to effectively grapple with and disentangled myself and so many of my clients gracefully with grit from the zero sum equations that run behind so many personal and business equations in spirit of getting ahead. This shift is a huge game changer as the underlying nature of you business is built on regenerative true equations that keep on giving and regenerating creating a powerful momentum and spirit of moving forward that money just can not buy.

I believe

I believe in these times we are being asked to create from higher level of consciousness to bring fresh perspectives and new set of equations to truly create a better world that includes everyone and the sustainability of the planet

I believe to truly break new ground to evolve the world, we first need to be the change we wish to see in the world and then create from there a better a place.

I believe in our humanity, our curiosity and our collective creative genius working together are the innovation engines that will rock our world.