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My True Equation

I partner with paradigm shifters, changemakers and visionary entrepreneurs to bring their full visions and businesses to their highest potential and outcomes into the world. I am passionate about True Equations that strengthen both leaderes and businesses capacity to consciously create true win-win-win equations that collectively allows us to create more value and wellbeing for all stakeholders including the planet.


About Jayne

I am an entrepreneur, social scientist and a true equation actualizer. I partner with visionary entrepreneurs to identify, own and apply their uniquely powerful True Equations to realize their full visions and businesses to their highest potential and social impact in the world. True Equations harness innate knowing and true power that unlocks potent lost potential that often lies in social conditioning that holds us back from staying true to ourselves and realizing our biggest dreams.

My approach combines my 25 years experience as a entrepreneur, angel investor, executive coach and mindfulness practioner that leverages the art and science of sound business principles, emotional intelligence, and neuro-science to uncover the underlying equations that move you toward your highest outcomes of success and those that unconsciously move you away.

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My Inspiration

What I have found and as result have created True Equation is that true win-win-win equations and consciousness are incredibly powerful in business to create sustainable working relationships and bring out the highest potential of all stakeholders and as a result the win just keeps winning for all. As a result, I fell in in love with the vital regenerative nature of the underlying equations and consciousness that make win-win-win truly possible in the world. I am inspired to share these true equations that I have been study and practice both through my studies of neuro-psychology and emotional intelligence along with my lived experience as an entrepreneur, angel investor and business consultant/coach over the last 15 years.

Tangible Results

Why I have been so inspired by True Equations and the resulting win-win-win equations is that through my direct experience in my own life and so many of my clients has created such a strong foundations to build stable prosperity and tangible results upon. True Equations and the win-win-win consciousness they generate helped me to effectively disentangled myself and so many of my clients elegantly from the zero sum equations that run behind so many of the business practices today in spirit of getting ahead. This shift is a huge game changer as the underlying nature of you business is built on regenerative equations that keep on giving and regenerating creating a powerful momentum and spirit of moving forward that money just can not buy.

I believe

I believe in these times we are being asked to create from higher levels of consciousness from the inside and out. To truly break new ground to evolve the world, we first need to be the change we wish to see in the world and then create from there a better a place.

I believe mastery of one's True Equations is one of the greatest gifts of abundance one can give to themselves, to their loved ones and to the change they wish to see in the world.

I believe in our humanity, our curiosity and our collective creative genius working together are the innovation engines that will rock our world.

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