True Equation

"No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it."

Albert Einstein


Entrepreneurs & Paradigm Shifters

Unlock and Expand Your Human Potential

by tapping into your True Equations

of innate power, prosperity and contribution to shift the current paradigm and create a better world


What Is A True Equation?

Inside of you is an extraordinary combination of innate gifts, true personal power, deep knowing and passion (heart) that make your unique contribution possible and powerful in the world. Each of these hold the keys to your True Equation - your unique and often invisible equations that amplify your intuitive and instinctual creative intelligence. Many of these deeper innate knowings are held back from aligning with our true potential because parts of our perception and equations are entangled with many of the limiting belief structures, belonging needs and external validation of the current paradigm. True Equations@ equips pioneers and innovators with perspective and navigation tools to meet the inherent obstacles and barriers that come with bringing “in the new” to infuse and disrupt “the old” with clarity and grace.


What I do here at True Equation

I believe in these times we are being asked to create from higher levels of consciousness from the inside and out. To truly break new ground to evolve the world, we first need to be the change we wish to see in the world and then create from there a better a place. As a result, I am passionate to explore and apply True Equations@ that strengthen both individuals and businesses so that we can collectively can create more transparent, enlivening and prosperous businesses and organizations for all stakeholders including the planet.

Ultimately, I believe our humanity, our curiosity and our collective creative genius working together are the innovation engines that will rock our world.


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