True Equation

"No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it."

Albert Einstein


Entrepreneurs, Creatives and Innovators


by creating from True Equations that align

with the Emerging Future


We are living in unprecedented times with so much up for review, renewal and change. How do we disentangle ourselves from the unconscious beliefs and equations that no longer work with in us and the world around us to create a brighter and more inclusive future. Unlocking and expanding human potential to lead and create at a higher consciousness is the future and the key to ushering in the true potential of new solutions, equations and visions for a better world.


What Is A True Equation?

Inside of you is an extraordinary combination of innate gifts, true personal power, deep knowing and passion (heart) that make your unique contribution possible and powerful in the world. Each of these hold the keys to your True Equation - your unique and often invisible equations that amplify your intuitive and instinctual creative intelligence. Many of these deeper innate knowings are held back from aligning with our true potential because parts of our perception and equations are entangled with many of the limiting belief structures and external criteria that make up the current paradigm. True Equations@ ultimately help us both personally and professionally connect to our innate GPS system of deep mental, emotional, spiritual, intuitive and instinctual knowing that is beyond societal conditioning.


What I do here at True Equation

I get really curious. I tune into your innate guidance system personally and professionally with the help of powerful frameworks and practices from the worlds wisdom traditions, quantum physics, neuro-psychology and emotional intelligence. These powerful frameworks that offer a deeper look at how we can more masterfully work with and understand our marvelous human nature.


How to Take the Next Step

Stepping into possibility....

Every journey begins with a first step. Here are some great ways to take that next step to defining your True Equation

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